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{% set root_section = get_section(path="_index.md") %}
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<div class="row head"/>
<div class="fg12 legal fg-no-mobile">
<a href="{{ get_url(path="impressum") }}">Impressum</a> | <a href="{{ get_url(path="/datenschutz") }}">Datenschutzhinweis</a>
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<a href="{{ get_url(path="/") }}"><h1>Reudnetz</h1></a>
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<h2>Internet für Leipzigs Osten</h2>
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{% block nav %}
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{% block content %}
{{ section.content | safe }}
{% endblock content %}
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{% block seitenleiste %}
mail [at] reudnetz [dot] org<br />
GPG-Key: <a href="{{ get_url(path="/") }}/0x1D7AE62C.asc">0x1D7AE62C</a>
<div class="margin" >
Fingerprint: <br />
C2B5 52B8 9C17 7ED0 9E83 9582 E177 B5B2 1D7A E62C
<!-- <p>Servicetelefon</p>
nur in dringenden Notfällen benutzen:
<p>000 00000 000</p> -->
{% endblock seitenleiste %}
<div class="row fg-no-desktop">
<div class="fg12 legal">
<a href="impressum.html">Impressum</a> | <a href="datenschutz.html">Datenschutzhinweis</a>